Craft-Art Wood Countertop Collection

Bring your design dreams to life with the Craft-Art Wood Collection, fine solid wood countertops expertly crafted to bring elegance, warmth and durability to any environment. Our skilled artisans carefully select the world’s finest domestic, exotic and reclaimed wood, and then craft it to flawless perfection. Craft-Art Wood countertops add a unique, luminous touch to kitchens and countertops, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Wood is an excellent choice for countertops because of its resistance to water, heat, stains and scratches. It is exceptionally sanitary and food-safe, with inherent properties that prevent bacteria build-up. Available in a vast array of colors, grains and finishes, wood offers long-lasting beauty and value, imparting a timeless quality to any décor.  Wood can be both contemporary and antique, and may be the only surface material that looks better the older it gets. It gives kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities a quality, prestigious look that never goes out of style.

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